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Be inspired by Janet Holder

Janet Holder EnbridgeJanet Holder has a lot to be proud of. As President of Enbridge Gas Distribution, Holder is responsible for the overall leadership and operations of Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada’s largest natural gas utility. She was also named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Woman by the Women’s Executive Network in 2009, she is a breast cancer survivor, and this June she will be riding 200 km in the Ontario Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, which benefits Princess Margaret.

When Holder was in her 30’s she would wake up every Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 am to ride with a group of fellow cyclists. She was full of energy and never expected to hear the words you have cancer. “I assumed I was safe because I was under the age of 40. I was certainly mistaken,” says Holder. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to begin her battle.

Holder went through chemotherapy treatments and three surgeries, but fortunately due to the amazing support she received, Holder was cancer free two years later.

When asked why Enbridge wanted to get involved with the Ride, Holder responded, “We are living in a hopeful time, but very few people are left untouched by cancer. There have been great strides in cancer research, but cancer has not been beat yet. Enbridge wanted to help make a difference for everyone across Canada.”

Holder is back on her bike, training for the Ride this June. “Many people still think, as I once did, that cancer won’t happen to them. However, every time someone I know is diagnosed, I am reminded that cancer must be conquered,” says Holder.

Looking forward to joining fellow Riders this summer, and riding with a yellow flag on her bike, Holder hopes everyone will do their part in the fight to conquer cancer.